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The list of some chemicals which we are supplying to our present customers:
Sealant Viksint Y-2-28   TU 38.303-04-04-90
Foam compound PEK-74 TU 2257-315-07500935-2000
Glue VK-3
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Products for aviation and other industries

Multipurpose paint remover, based on methylene chloride with ammonia. Capable to remove almost all modern aircraft paints. Can be applied with brush, with airless sprayer or by dipping method.
Really strong paint remover (based on methylene chloride with methanoic acid), which can be used for very stable aircraft paints - epoxy-baking paints and for highly cross-linked  polyurethanes. Can be applied with brush, with airless sprayer or by dipping method.
Ecologically friendly paint remover (based on water). It is used to remove very chemically stable paints - epoxy-baking paints highly cross-linked polyurethanes, etc. Acting time is 30 min to 16 hours. Remains wet for at least 24 hours. Can be applied with brush or by airless sprayer.
Mild paint remover (based on methylene chloride, with neutral pH). Recommended to remove paints from exterior and interior surfaces of aircraft vehicles. Can be applied with brush, with airless sprayer or by dipping method. Prevents corrosion for all aviation alloys.


Aviation paint strippers

Our company jointly with “Aircraft Paint Technologies”, Russia develops and manufactures aviation paint removers (APS-series). This products effectively remove different types of paints from aircrafts, helicopters, buildings, oil reservoirs, steel constructions, automobile vehicles, sea & river vehicles, etc. All our products are up-to-date, innovative, and meet the requirements of modern industry. APS paint removers are safe, easy to apply, biodegradable and corrosion safe. Our products were developed on the basis of modern innovation research. They are manufactured under industrial control with superior quality, and capable to remove almost all-known modern polymeric paints and coatings. Their use is approved by Rosaviation, VIAM, and other companies. Today our products are successfully used by aviation repair services in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.
Our paint removers are successfully applied on aircrafts, helicopters and excellently remove stable aviation polyurethane, epoxides and air dried epoxides. The correct use of APS paint removers is safe for aviation alloys and protective galvanic coatings.
Also APS paint removers can be applied for removing paints from stone, different metals, from wood, for removing graffiti from concrete, stone, brick, glass, for removing paints from metal alloys. Powder paints as well as multilayer paints, stable epoxide coating can be easily removed with APS paint removers.
Some of our product can be used to remove carbon scale from metal, brick and concrete (for example for cleaning combustion engines). Our paint removers can be applied with brushes, by air-less sprayer or can be used for dipping method.
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